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His Excellency Ambassador Clyde Rivers Changes Nations by Promoting Civility

In Africa, Africa Innovators and Influencers, Diplomat, Publisher Channel by Mary Kurek

You will not forget meeting Ambassador Clyde Rivers.  His Excellency smiles and the world just smiles back. The leaders of Burundi smiled back in 2009 when they bestowed Honorary Ambassadorship upon him.  And, a Kingdom in Ghana is about to smile back at him within a couple of months when they tap him as a King of Development. The Ambassador’s …

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Dr. Rollan Roberts on How He is Transforming Africa Using His Corporate Experience

In Africa, Africa Innovators and Influencers, Diplomat, Publisher Channel by Mary Kurek

His Excellency, Dr. Rollan Roberts was raised a son of a pastor in a West Virginia “holler.”  That boy with the spiritual upbringing moved into the real estate profession and ended up, as he says, “making more money than anyone I knew.”  He added that experience to his spiritual upbringing and moved it into a corporate space, climbing into the …

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Elaine Sugar Helps Children Find Their Voice and Build Self-Esteem

In Publisher Channel by Mary Kurek

Elaine Sugar is the Founder and CEO of Kids More S.U.G.A.R., LLC.  She’s on a mission to help teens learn about financial basics and discover their own voice.  She wants children of all ages to learn that they are valued, and she accomplishes her mission through programs and podcasts, which are being happily embraced by her community.  The local Police …

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Paul Webb Brings Together Experts on Clean Energy to Help Save the Planet

In energy, Publisher Channel by Mary Kurek

Paul Webb’s father pushed him toward energy as a career.  He listened and got a job at a nuclear power station.  Paul remembers having to navigate through protesters to get to his job and talks about how he could hear the sounds of power “screaming” through the night…a loud, invasive, industrial sound.  He knew there was a better way. Paul’s …

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Dr. Edward Ilechukwu Leads Leaders Toward a Better Future for Africa

In Africa, Africa Innovators and Influencers, Publisher Channel by Mary Kurek

Dr. Edward Ilechukwu was raised in an academic family in Nigeria and was blessed with a great education.  He knows this blessing in any other Nigerian family would be a gender gift.  A good education isn’t something offered to most, especially girls, who are not viewed as valuable in certain cultures.  Dr. Ilechukwu now lives in the United States and …

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Jeanette Johnsen of FarmingAcademy Talks About the Education Platform That Pays its Educators

In Agriculture, Publisher Channel by Mary Kurek

Jeanette Johnsen lights up when she talks about sheep – yes – sheep.  Raising them has been a long-awaited childhood dream and one that has morphed into a mission to provide education in farming and all things agriculture to learners around the world.  Her new platform, FarmingAcademy, is the solution she’s founded.  More than an educational solution, it is also …

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Mario Regis of the Abundance Program Promotes New Mindset for Community Problem Solving

In Climate, Economic Development, Publisher Channel by Mary Kurek

It’s no secret that we believe significant impact is where the goal should be in achieving solutions to big problems with lots of political and social “moving parts.”  But getting to a doable solution is nearly impossible for so many communities around the world and innovators who believe they have the golden ticket to impact.  Enter, the Abundance Program – …

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Festus Kiplagat of Green Planet Initiative in Africa is Organizing Thousands of Farmers to Improve Agriculture

In Africa, Africa Innovators and Influencers, Agriculture, Publisher Channel by Mary Kurek

Festus Kiplagat is a charismatic leader, advocate, agriforestry expert, and founder, but, he’s something more:  He’s a grower from Kenya and very proud to be one.  He wants youth around Africa to feel the same passion he has for the soil and to develop and nurture it in order to  save the continent and the entire planet. If you talk …

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Pamela Bolado and Alana Stott of Women Who Do Wonders Share the Wonders They are Doing

In Publisher Channel, womensempowerment by Mary Kurek

By Mary Kurek Pamela Bolado and Alana Stott became fast friends and business partners after our Frontrunners introduction in 2020. More than that, it may well be that they are actually related due to Scottish ancestry and a shared family name. The two of them are powerful women leaders in their own right.  Pamela, who is the founder and CEO …

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How Toyin Umesiri Moved Her Supply Chain Intelligence to Impact Africa

In Africa, African Influence, Publisher Channel by Mary Kurek

Toyin Umesiri, founder and CEO of Nazaru LLC, is a multi-talented woman who uses her collective intelligence to impact on a global scale, but particularly her homeland in Africa. She uses several public platforms to educate and engage people on the how-to of trading with Africa. She trains clients on developing proper supply chains and business foundations, and she sells …