Our Primary Goal:  Supporting the world’s problem solvers

Are you a Frontrunner - someone who has innovated a solution that is on market and expanding or not yet on market?  Perhaps you are or have already started a nonprofit organization to meet a need.  We should meet.  Visit here for more details. 

Marissa with the Medical Director of the Savana-la-Mar hospital, Dr Dawes, head nurse, Dacia, and HERHealthEQ Executive Drector Michelle Skaer-Therrien at the donation of an Esaote Ultrasound machine for maternal health monitoring in Jamaica.

People with big ideas aimed at solving quality-of-life problems are Frontrunners.  They are Frontrunners because they are “in front and out front” of the issues that plague our world.  We embrace these innovators, advocates, educators, NGO leaders, and diplomats who brave what’s necessary to get solutions and paradigm shifts to the place of impact.  And, we do that right here!

Frontrunners Innovate is both a media platform and a community network.  The media platform includes feature interviews, articles, and channels dedicated to specific content that informs, inspires, and potentially keeps innovators from making mistakes.  We’ll offer virtual events that will help you grow your enterprise.

The community network is our curated companion membership called Frontrunners League and this is their home; their HQ.  Many of them have been featured on this platform, shared their news and events here (Frontrunners Nation), received introductions to and from other members, and this is where we see the League story of interconnectedness unfold.  We share (Live Introductions) and let you see how business development in the impact world can happen organically and honestly…pretty magically.

Below you’ll find a bit of our early beginnings and how all of this has unfolded.

Her Majesty, Princess Kunda after speaking to youth from the Archdiocese of Lusaka on knowing thyself.

Just a few facts about us:

The magazine began in 2017 as The Introducer with a broader social impact focus.  The name changed in 2019 and the focus became more attuned to health, wellness, and technology spaces in 2020.  The magazine is produced by Frontrunners Development, Inc. (a faith-founded social enterprise).

Naphtali Bryant's first time as a paid teacher. These are 76 students from Mexico.

Each feature includes websites and social links for networking
Introductions between those featured are a constant activity.
Between 2018 and 2019, The Frontrunners League of Social Impact Innovation launched.  This is the curated network of those who have been featured in the magazine and others who have signed on to be involved in impact-oriented networking and business development.
In 2021, the Frontrunners Innovate Magazine became the Frontrunners Innovate Media Platform and Community – the singular headquarters for news, learning, business development, and community development (where the Frontrunners League calls home).
Viewers (from 160 countries) are diplomats, founders, and C-suite leaders. We receive regular views from corps like EY, Microsoft, Amazon, and IBM.
We have a partnership with the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network, to include content swap and readership from the UN, their partners, and other NGOs.
So this is us – how about you?  If you are a Frontrunner that we have not yet met,   Click here.  We’d like to see how we can support you.

Mary Kurek, CEO, Frontrunners League & Publisher, Frontrunners Innovate

Meanwhile, stick around and check out our interviews with other Frontrunners and even our investor series.  Looking forward to supporting you and your important work.