Our Primary Goal:  Business Development

Frontrunners Innovate is the first international business networking magazine aimed at impact.  Probably the biggest misconception is that it is only a vehicle for publicity.  It is not.  It’s actually a serious business development tool and a platform for creating meaningful connections around the globe that can help innovators expand their business and impact.

Every edition spotlights innovators in a particular impact space who share who they are, where they are headed, and with whom they wish to network.  That “with whom they wish to network” is where the opportunity lies for connection. Spotlighted innovators belong to the Frontrunners League where the opportunities that began in the magazine are nurtured and magnified.

Visit the New Member page of the Frontrunners League site if you’d like to find out how to receive an invitation to be spotlighted in the magazine.

We offer the opportunity for nonprofits and advocates to share their perspective by submitting features for potential inclusion.

Just a few magazine facts for you:

  • The magazine began in 2017 as The Introducer with a broader social impact focus.  The name changed in 2019 and the focus became more attuned to health, wellness, and technology spaces in 2020.  The magazine is produced by Frontrunners Development, Inc. and is a benefit of the membership-based business development network called Frontrunners League.
  • Each new edition and related content receives roughly 6k views from 120+ countries on average.
  • Viewers are diplomats, founders, and C-suite leaders. We receive regular views from corps like EY, Microsoft, Amazon, and IBM.
  • We have a partnership with the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network, to include content swap and readership from the UN, their partners, and other NGOs.
  • Each edition includes about 20 bulleted networking interests (opportunities) shared by spotlighted frontrunners who may also drop a bit of intel during their interview on a direction they are taking that could open a door for the right person.
  • Each spotlight includes the Linkedin profile and website(s) of the innovator.
  • Each edition includes information from features submitted by NGOs or investors who may share an opportunity.
  • We make about dozen facilitated introductions just between those featured within the first month following the release of a new edition.

For more examples, success stories, testimonials, and information on how we work visit the Frontrunners League site.