WE Support the world’s problem solvers by creating partnerships  

United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #17 involves the creation of partnerships to meet all of the goals.

We connect our member partners with stakeholders in need to help build impact. You've arrived at our combination media platform and partnership community headquarters. 

If you are a Frontrunner with a business or NGO solution, we should meet.


One of our US partners, Marissa Fayer, is shown here with the Medical Director of the Savana-la-Mar hospital, Dr Dawes, head nurse, Dacia, and HERHealthEQ Executive Director Michelle Skaer-Therrien at the donation of an Esaote Ultrasound machine for maternal health monitoring in Jamaica. 

Marissa's company helps place refurbished medical equipment for women's health in needed areas around the world. (UN SDG #3 Good Health & Wellbeing)

Sansum Diabetes Research Center

A Farming for Life Program participant earns some fresh produce for her participation through the Sansum Diabetes Research Center in California.  The "food as medicine" concept partners farmers in the region with the Center's education/clinical trial work to produce healthy outcomes for area residents most at-risk with diabetes.  Read our interview here. (UN SDG #3 - Good Health & Wellbeing.


US-Based Naphtali Bryant's first time as a paid teacher. These are 76 students from Mexico. (UN SDG #4 Quality Education)


We partner with several global conferences.  The World Youth Summit brings stakeholders and youth together to create solidarity for a better future. (UN SDGs #4 Quality Education #8 Good Jobs & Economic Growth #13 Protect the Planet)

People with big ideas aimed at solving quality-of-life problems are Frontrunners.  They are Frontrunners because they are “in front and out front” of the issues that plague our world.  We embrace these innovators, advocates, educators, NGO leaders, and diplomats who brave what’s necessary to get solutions and paradigm shifts to the place of impact.  And, we do that right here!

The Frontrunners Innovate site is both a media platform and the headquarters for the partnership community of members.  The media platform includes feature interviews, articles, and channels dedicated to specific content that informs, inspires, and potentially keeps innovators from making mistakes.  We’ll often offer virtual events that help to grow one's enterprise.

The community is our curated pool of partners we call our Frontrunners League and this is their home base.  Many of them have been featured on this platform, received introductions to and from other members as a result of their feature interview, and this is where we see the League story of interconnectedness unfold.  We have also referred to this group as our "business development pool," as we work our magic at filtering and creating meaningful connections that bring opportunities of all sorts to help boost and expand the impact of these amazing Frontrunners.

Partnership is the only way the UN SDGS will happen.  We are doing our part by helping you do yours.

Just a few facts

We've interviewed more than 500 Frontrunners and have made over a thousand introductions.

First came the magazine.  What you see now began in 2017 as The Introducer Magazine with a broader social impact focus and was the first international social impact magazine dedicated to business networking. The name changed in 2019 and the magazine transformed into a media platform (Frontrunners Innovate) that combined in 2020 with its companion partnership community (Frontrunners League).  League partners have been featured on the media platform.  Both entities and the business development activities that create the partnerships are produced by Frontrunners Development, Inc. (a faith-founded social enterprise).

 Our work has resulted in business contracts, oxygen concentrators and supplies during the pandemic, smart city proposals that include investment potential, youth development intiatives, diplomatic and good governance leadership education, girls empowerment mentoring, telehealth expansion opportunities, and loads of great partnerships that expand visibility and opens doors to joint programs that are attractive to grant providers and investors.

Viewers (from 160 countries) are diplomats, founders, and NGO leaders. We receive regular views from corps like EY, Microsoft, Amazon, and IBM.

We partner with the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network, to include content swap and readership from the UN, their partners, and other NGOs.