about frontrunners development   

Frontrunners Development is a Business Development Consultancy focused on connecting business partners to solve innovator, corporate, and public challenges globally.  As business developers, we source, build relationships, and open doors to opportunities - often when others cannot see them.

"Your attention to detail and the knack of connecting the right people together is unparalleled and unique. Kudos to everyone that works behind the scenes in setting this super platform and a big thanks to the entire team for a fabulous execution and follow ups." 

Rakshit Mehta, Office of the Principal Scientific Advisor, Gov't of India and Award-Winning Techpreneur 


Alina Pelka, Founder & CEO, The Yorghas Foundation and a friend from her African travels.

Our story is more about our clients and partners than about us.  And, as much as we are about business...we are just as much interested in impact.  Who they are and what they do is a big part of OUR story.

Poland-based Yorghas Foundation is an award-winning partner whom we've worked with to provide life-saving support to mothers and children in developing countries.

Dr. Toby Malichi, Hon.D.Bus., D.H.L.

Dr. Malichi is the Founder and CEO of Malichi Group Worldwide and our resident "business diplomat."  Appointed by U.S. Secretary of Commerce, serving under (6) consecutive White House Administrations with the Center for International Private Enterprise, Dr. Toby partners with us on trade and commerce and large global economic development projects.

Valeri Bocage, Founder, Powerful Women Int'l Connections

When Valeri's hometown in New Orleans fell victim to Hurricane Katrina, she started pulling together resources to help.  We partner with her network of contacts to assist in these endeavors as the pieces of the post-Katrina puzzle aren't yet in place.  We work with the well-connected and purposeful members of her organization on business development projects, as well. Nothing like a group of smart, purpose-driven women to make things happen.

Amb. Moses Busher and Hon. Consul Gen. from Malawi to Israel, Nir Gess

We work with government representatives and diplomats to get large projects accomplished in areas where stakeholder leadership is necessary and local team members are required.  This is the case in Malawi where we've been working on disaster relief and other local problems. But, our ability to be involved at that level would probably not have happened if we had not first been working with these partners on an economic development project. Relationship development is not just key to business - it's key to everything.

Just a few facts

Simon and Quinton

Two of our Frontrunners from different countries met during a conference.

We've interviewed more than 600 Frontrunners from 82+ countries and have made thousands of business introductions.

First came the magazine.  What you see now began in 2017 as The Introducer Magazine with a broader social impact focus and was the first international social impact magazine dedicated to business networking. The name changed in 2019 and the magazine transformed into a media platform (Frontrunners Innovate) that combined in 2020 with its companion partnership community (Frontrunners League).  League partners have been featured on the media platform which became a video podcast in 2023.  The League is our business development pool of resources.  We look to them first when working on business development projects.

Our work has results in business contracts, medical supplies during the pandemic, smart city projects, girls empowerment programs, leads to funding for several tech start-ups, partnerships for education initiatives, government contract opportunities, leads to mining resources, laptops for libraries, leads for health/wellness products, and referral commissions for those business developers who have become colleagues.

We also have collaborators that work with us in different capacities that help us in our business development activities.

Meet some of our collaborators

Hon. Dr.  Angela Unufe-Kennedy, (UK), Collaborator in Healthcare

Raymond Enoch, Ed in Chief, Founder, Paradigm Communications (Nigeria) Collaborator Media & Agric.

Augustine Igweshi, (Nigeria), Collaborator in Youth Development

Tsegga Medhin, Founder & CEO, The Pearl Leadership Institute & UN USA-NC Women Pres. (US) Collaborator on Diversity & Inclusion Programs