Biggest misconception:  This magazine isn’t just a publication…

It’s actually a business development tool and a vehicle for creating meaningful connections around the globe that can help you expand social impact.

Every edition features Frontrunners in a particular impact space who tell you who they are, where they are headed, and with whom they wish to network.  That “with whom they wish to network” is where the opportunity lies for connection.

It is also a source of information on innovations happening in a particular impact space

GoX Labs’ wearable for workplace safety reinvented to help diabetics by predicting A1c levels.

like the professor who created a 3D printing system for printing functional electronics or the robotics expert who invented a wearable that can read enough biometrics to impact productivity and wellness of whole shifts of workers. How about the head of innovation at a research center who figured out a creative way of getting free vegetables from local farmers into the hands of diabetics in the Latino community near the center.  Or, there’s the innovator who determined that you could take used kidney dialysis filters and repurpose them to be used in a water purification system. Then, there’s the guy who invented smart tunnels to rescue towns from floods and blockchain experts who are using distributed ledger technology to follow a person’s complete education from birth on up.

If the information on those you read about here resonates with you and your work, that could be a clue to potential collaboration.

Opportunity thrives here!

Imagine you were reading our interview with the dignitary from Mexico about education and some of the challenges they are facing. If you had a solution, you now have an opportunity and a name attached.  If you are a startup in Asia with a health technology innovation and you saw the article we posted on the man in Singapore whose company is moving mountains for startups in that space, you’d have an instant opportunity to learn more about how you could grow your company and win some great attention for your work.  The point is – our content isn’t just for reading –  it is actionable.

It is also the gateway to an entire network of international innovators…

League Members, Quinton Scholes from S. Africa and Simon Bailey from the US, meet at one of Simon’s speaking events in N. Carolina.

That network is called The Frontrunners League, and, while it is filled with many whom we have featured in the magazine, it’s not exclusive.  The League serves as a pool of resources for business projects and contracts with The League’s partners at the social impact consortium, Living, Learning, and Working, Inc.  Visit The League site for more information, success stories/testimonials, and how to join.

League members have been: partnering with each other, meeting in-person to swap information, acquiring contracts and board appointments, funding opportunities, and winning awards with our business development assistance.

Our Story

From the Founder/Publisher…

“I connect people. Can’t help myself. I love introducing people and do it with such enthusiasm that I scare wall-huggers at a party. Don’t care.”

Mary Kurek, President/CEO of Frontrunners Development Inc.  Kurek is also the founder/publisher of Frontrunners Innovate and founder/manager of The Frontrunners League of Social Impact Innovation

In my past, I’ve introduced a group of youth to a member of foreign royalty, a US Ambassador, a Nobel Prize-Winning Scientist, the winningest coach in college basketball, the late Dean Smith, and Frank Capra, Jr., the former President of EUE Screen Gems Studios, NC. I’ve even introduced a former Harlem Globetrotter to a casting agent who hired him for a role in a major motion picture.

In 2007, I wrote a business networking book that was published bearing the endorsement of the national CEO of the American Business Women’s Association. It was about that time I was contacted by the CEO of a software firm who needed channel partners…fast. After conducting a successful networking campaign for him, he connected me to a colleague who was starting a games portal and needed a networking campaign. I did the same thing for him, and that’s when I knew that I could create a business around making introductions.  So, along with my 8 years of service as a Chamber Exec who counseled entrepreneurs daily and assisted economic development efforts regionally, I became professionally trained as a business advisor and launched my own agency that combined consulting, marketing, and networking.

My background is a long history of service that includes several years working on the NC Gov’s Press Staff, and also working for the state’s #1 lobbyist on major legislation.  During that time, I received the Long Leaf Pine award from the Governor for outstanding service to the citizens.  Later, I created professional schedules for international business leaders/dignitaries that visited the Research Triangle Park area through the US Information Agency and worked for an international exchange program with the mission of creating peaceful ties between the US and other countries.  I directed the Chamber of Commerce next to the world’s largest Marine Corps Air Station and graduated from the US Chamber of Commerce sponsored Institute for Organization Management.  I was honored to receive a commendation from the Commanding General of the Air Station upon departure from the Chamber.

So, no…not surprised I’d find my way into social enterprise. In 2017, I began publishing The Introducer Magazine, the first international facilitated networking magazine to expand business and impact. In March of 2020, the name of the magazine changed to Frontrunners Innovate to more directly relate to the League.  Each edition, we feature innovators and experts from a particular social impact space and follow it up with blog and social postings on the interesting connections we see between those featured in current and past editions. That posting gets lots of views.

In 2018, we developed a companion network to the magazine with the mission to take the networking up a level. The network is called The Frontrunners League of Social Impact Innovation and this group brings their unique expertise to League projects or those presented by the League’s partner, the global impact consortium, Living Learning & Working, Inc. This is where social impact and business development meet. To learn about the League’s work and how you could join, visit