Dr. Edward Ilechukwu Leads Leaders Toward a Better Future for Africa

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Dr. Edward Ilechukwu on a trip to Nigeria to review school conditions. His programs help to repair and replace schools and build libraries for teachers.

Dr. Edward Ilechukwu was raised in an academic family in Nigeria and was blessed with a great education.  He knows this blessing in any other Nigerian family would be a gender gift.  A good education isn’t something offered to most, especially girls, who are not viewed as valuable in certain cultures.  Dr. Ilechukwu now lives in the United States and has four daughters of his own.  He hears about the disheartening stories of girls being kidnapped from schools and held for ransom in Nigeria.

The knowledge of how to fix an economy is clearly laid out in education, and “Dr. Ed,” as we know him, realizes that helping a continent so critical to the world’s wellbeing, is a mission of divine proportions.  He is called.

Dr. Ed’s calling is to find solutions and he does so by building and utilizing a high-level network throughout the world.  He advocates, builds programs, and raises funds to put the solutions in place.  As President of the Global Initiative for the Advancement of Africa (GIAA) and President and CEO of Global Initiative for Education and Literacy of African Girls (GIFTED), Dr. Ed works from the decision-maker aspect of change as well as the programmatic tools of change.  He shares these important details with Mary Kurek in this video interview.

Meet Dr. Ed Ilechukwu.  (30-min video)

Please see some of the school conditions Dr. Ilechukwu found when visiting Nigeria recently.

Contact for Dr. Ilechukwu:

Linkedin:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/dr-edward-i-364a0a14

Website: http://www.giftedafricangirls.org/