Jeanette Johnsen of FarmingAcademy Talks About the Education Platform That Pays its Educators

In Agriculture, Publisher Channel by Mary Kurek

Jeanette says “The horse was the problem-child that everyone else had given up on ever being handled. It was the first time I was riding her, and I decided to bring in the sheep from horseback with the dogs herding.”

Jeanette Johnsen lights up when she talks about sheep – yes – sheep.  Raising them has been a long-awaited childhood dream and one that has morphed into a mission to provide education in farming and all things agriculture to learners around the world.  Her new platform, FarmingAcademy, is the solution she’s founded.  More than an educational solution, it is also intended to be a community where networking can occur, and an opportunity for farmers to share content and receive a commission for that sharing.

Jeanette discusses the platform and the programs for learners and educators in this interview with Publisher, Mary Kurek.  (25-minute video)

Dinner in Nyhavn, Copenhagen, Denmark, with all the best from the farms and sea.

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