Festus Kiplagat of Green Planet Initiative in Africa is Organizing Thousands of Farmers to Improve Agriculture

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Festus Kiplagat is a charismatic leader, advocate, agriforestry expert, and founder, but, he’s something more:  He’s a grower from Kenya and very proud to be one.  He wants youth around Africa to feel the same passion he has for the soil and to develop and nurture it in order to  save the continent and the entire planet.

If you talk with organizations around Africa, you’ll find that many youth feel that farming is really the only option left to them, and one that doesn’t really excite some.  Festus believes it is an honor and privilege and one he looks at through the lens of a university researcher.  When he speaks, you hear the love, but you also hear the strategy…that which elevates farming and soil nourishment to an art form.  It’s likely this aspect of his character that pulled him toward founding Green Planet Initiative 2050 (GPI2050) and the curation of thousands of African farmers to share their best practices.  The goal is to improve farming, production, quality, land preservation, and, let’s just say it, “planet preservation.”  It’s a mission with a lot of moving parts.  But, it is a mission born from a mandate by the United Nations who officially recognizes GPI2050 as helping to meet their goals.

Festus talked with Publisher, Mary Kurek and Assistant Editor, Casey Riley, in this interview about his work and how they are accomplishing this important work that impacts everything from agriculture to climate action.

Meet Festus Kiplagat.  (32-minute video)

For more details on GPI2050, see the information below.

Kiplagat talking with farmers.

Festus’ Contact:

Website:  https://gpi2050.org/
Linkedin:  https://www.linkedin.com/company/gpi2050
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/GPI2050Foundation/
Twitter:  https://twitter.com/gpi2050