Dr. Rollan Roberts on How He is Transforming Africa Using His Corporate Experience

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Dr. Roberts in Kenya helping African entrepreneurs on the 6-country African Funding Tour amid the 2020 pandemic.

His Excellency, Dr. Rollan Roberts was raised a son of a pastor in a West Virginia “holler.”  That boy with the spiritual upbringing moved into the real estate profession and ended up, as he says, “making more money than anyone I knew.”  He added that experience to his spiritual upbringing and moved it into a corporate space, climbing into the CEO seat at the Hoverboard Company, makers of the best-selling consumer product of 2015.  He took all of that and the previous experience, piled up some more corporate dealings, and moved it all to impact spaces.  Through program development and consulting on AI, Cybersecurity, and Entrepreneurship around the world, Roberts was building peace, developing systems, advising governments, and creating impact. He produced an annual African Diplomatic Entrepreneur Summit in partnership with multiple national governments and United Nations SDGs,  He was bestowed the diplomatic designation of “His Excellency” when awarded Peace Ambassador to World Governments by the International College of Peace Studies.

There’s so much to gain from getting to know His Excellency; his is a story that must be told, and it has been plenty of times in notable publications and at the podium of respected universities by Roberts, himself.  In this interview, he unfolds a good bit of it and talks about founding Transform Africa with Publisher, Mary Kurek.

Meet His Excellency, Dr. Rollan Roberts.  (26-min video)

Short Bio:

Dr. Rollan Roberts II
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Dr. Roberts speaking to the Chinese government in the Great Hall of the People in Tiananmen Square on the U.S.-China Trade War in November 2018.

His Excellency Dr. Rollan Roberts is the founder of Transform Africa, Inc.Rollan College  and Courageous!, an Artificial General Intelligence and quantum-proof Cybersecurity think tank), an advisor to national governments, and former CEO of the Hoverboard company – the single, hottest, global, consumer product of 2015.  In addition to being nominated to the Central Command Task Force for the Department of Defense, receiving African diplomatic designation of “His Excellency,” and founding Transform Africa, he has a Doctorate degree in Global Business and Entrepreneurship, founded the CEO Cruise, women’s empowerment BeautyPro Cruise as Chairman of the Board for the International Association of Pageantry, the African Diplomatic Entrepreneur Summit, and the International Down Syndrome CEO Camp, authored 4 international best-selling books, and spoke to China’s government and business leaders on the U.S.-China Trade War at the Great Hall of the People in Tiananmen Square, Beijing, China.

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