Pamela Bolado and Alana Stott of Women Who Do Wonders Share the Wonders They are Doing

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By Mary Kurek

Pamela Bolado and Alana Stott became fast friends and business partners after our Frontrunners introduction in 2020. More than that, it may well be that they are actually related due to Scottish ancestry and a shared family name. The two of them are powerful women leaders in their own right.  Pamela, who is the founder and CEO of Women Who Do Wonders and the companion magazine, Wellness & Wisdom, is situated in the US from Canada and founded her impact first within the military space.  I’ll let her share more about that later.

Alana, who moved from Scotland to the US with her family recently, has been an influencer and fundraiser involving issues like mental health and human trafficking.  Her skills in developing boards and funding vehicles have the capacity to translate into global movements. Alana has been a Frontrunners League member for a couple of years so we’ve seen her work up close.

Together, these two women who are doing wonders are putting a spotlight on women who are creating their own legacy of impact…and developing a nonprofit foundation to bring support to these women as well as to fund wellness efforts for girls.

Meet Pamela Bolado and Alana Stott.  (32-minute video)

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