Business Developers

In 2022, I was asked a few times to develop a course focused on the way that I conduct business development.  So, I did. Other than being asked to do this, I also knew that most of the projects I work on come from or involve other business developers.  It just made sense to present my process to those who might be interested in collaborating with my company.” 


The course I built is called How to Build a Business Development Consultancy.

An example of the course outline is below. There are 5 modules with 3 sections each. All content is provided in short video-form along with audio and text. Some extra resources are included to help make it all easier to manage. This is a course that can be accomplished easily in about a week to 10 days.

One important thing to keep in mind as you review this information:  This course is by invitation only.  We want you to be sure this business consultancy is a fit for you since you could end up being a colleague for us.

Review the details and if you are interested, let's set up a conversation and explore to see if a business development consultancy is perfect for you.

If you know you are interested in collaborating with us or exploring business development, we have 2 requirements: that you set up a consultation with us and that you take the course.  

Here's how to start:

Step 1: Consultation with us.  You can contact us by clicking the orange button on the bottom of this page to let us know you're interested.  We'll take it from there.

Step 2: Take the course.  Feel free to contact us if any questions or concerns arise.

Step 3:  Schedule a follow-up conversation to discuss how best for you to begin your new consultancy.

That's it.

Maybe you’d like to meet a few professionals taking the course:

Cindy Blizzard Fields, CEO, Children’s Empowerment Coaching

Dr. Aaron Smith, CEO, Upskill Talent (Education Consultant)
Andy Greider, Managing Partner and Chief Dot Connector. Healthcare Evolution Group. Domestic Growth Capital

“As someone who is a natural connector and entrepreneurial by nature, I have absolutely loved Mary Kurek’s course on How To Build a Business Development Consultancy. In it, she provides critical insights, advice and steps to set you up for success.

The course is thoughtful and easy to follow. I am leaving the experience feeling excited about unlocking the power of my network to create a powerful chain of goodness in the world, as well as learning how to monetize my efforts. I highly recommend this course – thank you, Mary!” 

Kristin Taylor, M.A., Life and Executive Coach (We started working regularly with Kristin as a colleague the same month she finished the course.)

“The course is not only informative and educational but in my opinion it is also vital for anyone who are not only starting in business, but for those struggling with networking, building their community and even for those who are high achievers who may have reached a plateau. Personally, I am an incredible introvert who struggles with networking but this course has help to switch my logical thinking to work in my favor when it comes to building my community. Getting focused on the ‘why’ is such a valuable tool for grounding yourself when you feel nervous in a situation that may not be comfortable.  This is a section of the course I will definitely be referring to time and time again.”

Alana Stott, MBE, Author, Consultant, Speaker, CEO, Philanthropist

Example Curriculum


  • Welcome and Introduction(2:41)
  • Course Content

Milestone 1: Mindset Shift from Networking to Relationship Building

  • Break your old thoughts about networking(9:09)
  • Learn the 3 priorities for relationship building(11:15)
  • Lock in your new mindset today(11:33)
  • Review Quiz

Milestone 2: Transform your old network

  • Build-in 5 key types of people to set the foundation(33:14)
  • Secure important contacts outside your reach(9:23)
  • Plan for including diversity and getting global(7:20)
  • Review Quiz