Paul Webb Brings Together Experts on Clean Energy to Help Save the Planet

In energy, Publisher Channel by Mary Kurek

Paul Webb’s father pushed him toward energy as a career.  He listened and got a job at a nuclear power station.  Paul remembers having to navigate through protesters to get to his job and talks about how he could hear the sounds of power “screaming” through the night…a loud, invasive, industrial sound.  He knew there was a better way.

Paul’s (from the inside out) experience of over forty years in the energy space creates an expertise that allows him to know the issues from a historical point of view.  That’s important because you have to use “where you’ve been” to get to “where you are going.”  For Paul, that inside experience provided big-time motivation to find better solutions.  As CEO of B2B Energy, Ltd., Paul knows that clean energy is where we need to be and he has been busily putting together a community of world experts and interviewing them on his podcast, Energy Speaks Back.  He’s written a book, called “Becoming an Energy Expert,” and stays active with groups where the ideas, collaborations, and thought leadership dwells.

Paul shared with Publisher, Mary Kurek a bit of his expertise on the subject and what he’s gleaned from talking to the experts about what is needed to move us toward success with clean energy.  (20-minute video)

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