Business Development:  We Connect Frontrunners to Partners for Impact

We are a business development agency.  We create Frontrunner connections to develop partnerships that achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.  

Basically, if you have a sustainable solution that improves or saves lives, develops communities, empowers underserved populations, manages climate change, delivers life basics where needed, opens doors for education and youth opportunities, innovates healthcare, renewable energy, transportation, waste...and everything in between, we want to meet you. 
Middle:  HE Rollan Roberts joined former US Cong. Mark Siljander's entourage to The Sudan on a peace-building mission in The Sudan, 2021.  (Introduction a month prior)

Photo: HE Rollan Roberts (middle) joined former US Cong./UN Amb. Mark Siljander's (right) entourage to The Sudan on a peace-building mission in summer, 2021. Introduction made a month prior.  Also pictured (left) Gary Wadron, ED, Trac5, and (back right) Former US Cong./US Amb.-Denmark, Richard Swett.  


In the months that followed this event, Gary Waldron introduced Amb. Swett to us and we began working with him and his business partner, Michael Rowan, on their economic development project based on a hybrid of a smart city model.  In early 2022, that model, offered through their company, Climate Prosperity Enterprise Solutions, was introduced by us to 3 African countries and is progressing through government protocols.

Our Formula:

  • Engage (Starts with the first partnership - ours)
  • Interview for Frontrunners Innovate Media Platform (visibility & business development tool)
  • Filter Partner Prospects
  • Connection Preliminary Process
  • Introductions Set
  • Follow Through & Tracking
  • Results:  Partnerships for Project Contracts, Collaboration for Funds/Expansion Opportunities, Publicity & Speaking, Board Appointments & Co-Founders, Acquisition of Resources for Solutions (ex:  Medical Equipment, Experts, Location Facilitators, and more.)