Frontrunners Development is a Global Business Development Consultancy

We become a partner to help you expand your business providing the following services.

  • Consulting for right contacts and best outcomes
  • Relationship building + warm introductions
  • Business Development Advising/Training
  • Startup & Funding Consulting

Our Formula:

  • Engage (Starts with the first partnership - ours)
  • Interview Invitation (if it's a fit) for Frontrunners Innovate Podcast
  • Filter Partner Prospects
  • Connection Preliminary - information exchange
  • Introductions Set-up
  • Warm Introduction & Call Facilitation
  • Follow Through & Tracking
  • Results:  Partnerships for Project Contracts, Collaboration for Funds/Expansion Opportunities, Acquisition of Resources for Solutions (ex:  Medical Equipment, Experts, Location Facilitators, and more.)