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Andy Mashaile is a Strategic Advisor Fighting Crime with Policy and Victim Advocacy in South Africa

In Human Trafficking, Podcast by Mary Kurek

Ambassador Andy Mashaile is a retired Interpol Ambassador for the Turn Back Crime Campaign with a coverage of 195 countries. He is also an Executive Committee Member of the International Cybersecurity and Investigations Committee. He holds many titles where he has been in a leadership position on an overseeing board for police operations. His personal story would read like a …

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Justin Breen Helps You View Business Processes Differently So That Epic Outcomes Can Emerge

In Business Development, Podcast, Resources by Mary Kurek

In the Frontrunners Development world, innovators take center stage and many of them fill the dual role of entrepreneur/innovator and are super focused on the innovation where it is easy to get stuck, frustustrated, and cause family-time deficit. Justin Breen, founder of BrEpic Communications and BrEpic Network, has figured out some solutions, and most of that figuring comes from knowing …

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Celebration Clips #1 -What We’ve Been Doing at Frontrunners Development

In Africa, Empowerment, Health, Humanitarianism, Podcast by Blessing Enofe

2023 Project:  The call for help came from one of our Frontrunners in Malawi.  The need was for a motor boat to act as a water ambulance to get pregant women to the mainland for C-section births before either mother or the baby died due to the long lake crossing in manually rowed boats.  The solution involved a team of …

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A Conversation with Stefanos Fotiou – Director of the Office of SDGs in the FAO of the United Nations

In Agriculture, Climate, Diplomat, energy, Podcast, Publisher Channel by Blessing Enofe

Stefanos Fotiou is an expert on the UN Sustainable Development Goals with many years working within the United Nations organization in a variety of roles that support expertise and current leadership. Working in the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN) out of his headquarters in Rome, he talks with Frontrunners Innovate host, Mary Kurek, and co-host, Ambassador Richard …

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Imari Walker-Franklin is an Environmental Engineer Chasing the Serious Impact of Microplastics

In environment, Planet, Podcast, Publisher Channel by Blessing Enofe

Imari Walker-Franklin is an Environmental Engineer Chasing the Serious Impact of Microplastics as an activist for people and planet.

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Lina Constantinovici Helps Innovators Shorten the Gap Between Funding and Commercialization

In Funding, Investor Interviews, Podcast, Publisher Channel by Blessing Enofe

Lina Constantinovici is a problem solver, but, before that, she was a researcher. Before that, she worked in a place where innovation was rampant, but, the trek toward commercialization for most innovation was long, laborious, and often a threat to the innovation, itself.  Lina founded Innovation 4.4 to bring a solution to the innovator community and breathe new life into …