Gift Global Creates Sustainable Impact Projects that Lift People and Brands

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Keith Kirkwood and Manna Dabholkar founded Gift Global Initiative to create broader and more specific opportunities for corporations to give charitably while receiving brand recognition.

Working within several countries, the two have developed aid programs based on a “hand up” model that creates a sustainable means for continued self-support for those served.

In this interview with Frontrunners Innovate host, Mary Kurek, Kirkwood and Dabholkar talk about their operations within the organization and how they utilize their international skills in service to influential leaders in the Middle East. They share their partnership interests and the big event they have planned for the coming months.

Meet Keith Kirkwood and Manna Dabholkhar

Keith Kirkwood and Manna Dabholkhar Profiles

Keith Kirkwood

Keith Kirkwood, Chairman of Gift Global Initiative

A Diplomat and currently the Chairman of Gift Global Initiative, a global non-profit charitable organization that provides Humanitarian Aid and Economic Development in Asia, Africa, South, Central and North America. Keith is also the Global Ambassador to Al Qassimi Royal Family Offices from the UAE and manages the business interests of Actor Jean Claude Van Damme.

Amb. Kirkwood was appointed by California Governor and confirmed by President Obama and President Trump as a Commissioner to The Selective Service System. He also serves as the Global Goodwill Ambassador for United States. In November 2019, Amb. Kirkwood was awarded the prestigious Pan African Humanitarian Award for Social Impact in Africa followed by the Global Icon Award in December 2019 by the World Peace and Diplomacy Organization.

Manna Dabholkar

Manna Dabholkar, CEO of Gift Global Initiative

With over a decade of leadership experience in the profit and nonprofit sectors, Manna stands at the intersection of Purpose and Profit. She spearheaded Operations for the American Red Cross as the youngest CEO for the Red Cross.

She also served as the American Red Cross Managing Director of Round It Up America® (RIUA) – a partnership between the American Red Cross and RIUA, a nonprofit initiative by leaders in the restaurant industry to end world hunger by engaging the restaurant, food and beverage industry in giving back.

She has served as a commissioner on the esteemed Sybil Brand Commission for Institutional Inspections to oversee Human Rights Violations in the Prison System in the US.

Currently she serves as the CEO of GIFT Global Initiative, a global diplomacy foundation, CEO of the Middle East Investment Council and is also a Global Ambassador to Al Qassimi Royal Family Offices from the UAE.

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