A Conversation with Stefanos Fotiou – Director of the Office of SDGs in the FAO of the United Nations

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Stefanos Fotiou is an expert on the UN Sustainable Development Goals with many years working within the United Nations organization in a variety of roles that support expertise and current leadership. Working in the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN) out of his headquarters in Rome, he talks with Frontrunners Innovate host, Mary Kurek, and co-host, Ambassador Richard Swett, about the most pressing areas of interest. Listen as he talks about their focus on energy, land, water, agriculture, and food systems.

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Stefanos Fotiou’s Personal Website: https://about.me/stefanos.fotiou

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Amb. Swett’s Website:   https://www.climateprosperitysolutions.com/

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Amb. Richard Swett, CEO, Climate Prosperity Enterprise Solutions


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