Justin Breen Helps You View Business Processes Differently So That Epic Outcomes Can Emerge

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In the Frontrunners Development world, innovators take center stage and many of them fill the dual role of entrepreneur/innovator and are super focused on the innovation where it is easy to get stuck, frustustrated, and cause family-time deficit. Justin Breen, founder of BrEpic Communications and BrEpic Network, has figured out some solutions, and most of that figuring comes from knowing his natural tendancies which he credits to some specific tools. He shares a bit about those tools and what shifts he has made to create his own epic outcomes in a recorded interview with Frontrunners Innovate recently.

Frontrunners Development President, Mary Kurek, talks with Justin about his book, Epic Life, How to Build Collaborative Global Companies While Putting Your Loved Ones First, where she’s gleaned some interesting points for shifts that can make a huge difference.

Meet Justin Breen

Justin Breen’s Profile:

Justin Breen is the Founder and CEO of global PR firm BrEpic Communications and exclusive connectivity platform BrEpic Network. His first book, Epic Business, was a bestseller in six countries and No. 1 for Entrepreneurship in the US. Breen started BrEpic Communications in 2017 and launched BrEpic Network in 2022. He has built an international network of extraordinary people and believes strongly in the power of introductions and creating important relationships. Breen is an active member of Strategic Coach 10x Ambition Program and Abundance 360 Summit, and he mentors countless emerging entrepreneurs. He lives in the Chicago suburbs with his wife, Dr. Sarah Breen; their epic sons, Jake and Chase; and their dogs, Dr. Pepper and Toffee Kisses.

Justin Breen’s Contact & Book Information:

Website:  https://www.brepicllc.com/


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