Celebration Clips 2: Moving Clean Water Solution Front and Center

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In 2023, we met Ian Parker, CEO of Healixa and interviewed him for our Podcast, Frontrunners Innovate. Since that time, we’ve gotten to know him and his team pretty well and have had them on business calls and invited Ian to co-host interviews with us.

We’ve introduced Ian to some pretty unique and well-connected folks and this Celebration Clip is our way of kinda showing that off. We appreciate all that Healixa is doing to provide a needed solution for our planet and we work as part of the larger support team creating connections that move them forward.


Special thanks to the following Frontrunners

(Click their names to see how they’ve been featured in Frontrunners Innovate)

Ian Parker (Chairman and CEO, Healixa)

Jeremy Bagwill (Sustainable Systems / Construction Developer)

Lumbie Mlambo (CEO, JB Dondolo, Inc.)


Mary Kurek

President, Frontrunners Development, Inc.
Global Business Developer for Frontrunner Partnerships (UN SDG #17)

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