Dr. Brooke Newman Talks About Reducing Carbon and Redirecting Overages for a Greener Supply Chain

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Dr. Brooke Newman is the Founder and CEO of Before3020, Inc., a company that helps corporations find sustainable supply chain solutions with potential cost savings and new income as well as hit the climate action target.

In this conversation with Frontrunners Innovate Host, Mary Kurek, Dr. Newman talks about the Before3020 model for showing real-time data to corporations on where their supply chain opportunities exist, improve ESG ratings, and reimagine overage situations.

Since carbon emissions are a big part of the Before3020 discussion, we invited a carbon credit expert from Bitgreen (carbon credit marketplace) to co-host this conversation with Dr. Newman. This episode evolved into a rich opportunity for everyone in terms of information sharing and networking.

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Dr. Brooke Newman’s (Before3020) website: https://www.before3020.org/

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Special Thanks to Our Co-Host:  Tiffany Potter

Tiffany Potter, Chief Carbon Officer, Bitgreen


Bitgreen website: https://bitgreen.org/

Check our interview with Tiffany here.




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