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Dr David Montgomery Brings His Heart Disease Prevention Message to the Media to Impact Patient Care

In Health, Health Tech, Podcast, Uncategorised by Mary Kurek

Dr. David Montgomery is that rare combination of physician, entrepreneur, and media personality. He is a cardiologist and founder/managing partner of the PREvent Clinic, Inc. in Atlanta Georgia.  His obvious broadcast-level skillset combined with his passionate message on the prevention of heart disease is both charismatic and compelling and is no doubt what has easily caused his rise to media …

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Anke Weisheit is Building a Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Vision for Uganda

In Health, Podcast by Mary Kurek

Anke Weisheit is the Co-Founder and Chair of Innovation and Business Management at Pharm-Bio Technology and Traditional Medicine Center (PHARMBIOTRAC). One of 24 Eastern and Southern Africa Higher Education Centers of Excellence (ACE II) Programs, this university-based center has a critical mission guided by Weisheit’s dedication and vision that goes from incubator to hospital. The goal of this program is …

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His Excellency Nawab Syed Algazi Shares Plans for Impact Through Business and Diplomatic Service

In Diplomat, Podcast by Mary Kurek

His Excellency Nawab Syed Algazi of Hyderabad, India, is a successful entrepreneur, accomplished in many industries, settling in design and construction as a focus under the company name of NF Constructions.  A masterful athlete, His Excellency enjoys the good-hearted competition of cricket and relishes his days in military school where his adaptation to discipline and love of service has remained …

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Ashish Shrestha is Making Mental Health a Priority for School Children in Nepal

In Education, Health, Podcast, Youth by Mary Kurek

Ashish Shrestha is the Executive Director of the Sambhavya Foundation located in Nepal. His mission is to get mental health programming set up in the schools throughout Nepal, and he’s making quite an impact already. His children’s programs and train-the-trainer courses are operating in 27 schools around Kathmandu utilizing volunteers along with ensuring that there are spaces appropriate for counseling. …

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Tarique J. Rashaud Connects Strategic Carbon Market Partners for International Opportunities

In Climate, Podcast by Mary Kurek

Tarique J. Rashaud is the CEO of Xemplar Carbon & Capital Solutions based in Texas. Rashaud leads the global portfolio strategy for developing Tech-based and Nature-based carbon offset projects at the Food-Water-Energy Nexus. In service to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UCFCCC) and the United States Business Council for Sustainable Development, he involves himself at the leadership level …

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Avivah Wittenberg-Cox Clarifies How Living and Working Longer Impacts Societal Needs and Goals

In Aging, gender equality, Podcast by Mary Kurek

Avivah Wittenberg-Cox is an expert in gender and generational balance using a longevity lens backed by quality data. As the CEO of the consultancy, 20-First, Wittenberg-Cox brings forth her own leadership experience and expertise in fields like diversity and inclusion and cultural balance to paint a global picture of current and projected events that can steer us forward in critical …

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Larry Griffith Shares His Path with the United Negro College Fund and Celebrates its 80-Year Impact

In Education, Podcast by Mary Kurek

Larry Griffith is Executive Vice President, Programs and Student Services at United Negro College Fund (UNCF.) His position involves working with scholarship dollars large enough that a high level of responsibility and compliance is involved, but, the result is nothing short of changing young lives. With Larry, it is not only the mission of UNCF to ensure that no minds …

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Dr. Jacqueline King Talks About Black Women Empowered’s New Full-Service Directory

In Podcast, womensempowerment by Mary Kurek

Dr. Jacqueline King is the Founder and CEO of Black Women Empowered, a large community of professional women (and men) who have embraced faith as part of their personal and professional journey. Dr. King’s development of this community goes back a few years and has its roots in social media. She shares with Frontrunners Innovate Host, Mary Kurek, and Co-Host, …

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Stanley Li of Netswitch Combines Cybersecurity with GRC for a Complete Risk Management Solution

In Data, Podcast, Technology by Mary Kurek

Stanley Li has a solid background in technology and entrepreneurship that supports his development of a cybersecurity and risk mitigation solution that includes today’s pressing workload around Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC). The CyberRisk Governance™ system integrates AI, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, and Data Analytics to help organizations increase cyber resilience and meet regulatory compliance objectives.  It’s a mission Stanley has accomplished …

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Marc Freedman of Evolved Profits Unlocks Your Budget and Opens Up Profit and Impact

In Business Development, Podcast by Mary Kurek

Marc Freedman is the Co-Founder of Evolved Profits. He is a Certified Expense Reduction Consultant and the Best-Selling Author of Expense to Profit: Eliminate The Costs That Sabotage Your Growth. Marc is a great detective at finding the nooks and crannies in a business or nonprofit where unnecessary expenses and lost income hide. He knows where to look in the …