Celebrations Clips 3: Business Development That Starts with “What If”

In Business Development, Climate, Podcast by Mary Kurek

“What if” business development became a response to a call for help…from a global leader? Or…

“What if” business development started with simply providing information on a gray-area topic that could open funding opportunities to innovators with climate projects? Or…

“What if” business development took on a collaborative role with large organizations by creating a curated community of entrepreneurs who have the capacity to morph their offerings into something new?

What would or could that look like? Right now, that looks like us – Frontrunners Development, along with our partners who are blowing holes through traditional business development and coming up with ways to develop business that are game changing while making a difference. Enjoy this, our 3rd and final installment of Celebrations Clips for 2023.

Special Thanks to the Following Frontrunners:

Dr. Osita AniemekaSub Saharan Open University (and Frontrunners Development Partner)

Tiffany PotterBitgreen

Robert BranchLiving, Learning, and Working (and Frontrunners Development Partner)


Mary Kurek

President, Frontrunners Development, Inc.
Global Business Developer for Frontrunner Partnerships (UN SDG #17)

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