Lumbie Mlambo on a Quest to Finish Her Father’s Work Found and Established Her Own Impact

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Lumbie Mlambo of Texas traveled back to Africa after her father’s passing to finish the philanthropic work that he started. The problem is that it (the work) wasn’t where she thought and, as it turned out, the work wasn’t something the locals wanted. They wanted clean water and pretty much told her if she didn’t have water to give them, she could leave.  She didn’t leave.  There’s a story to this that offers both a lesson and a challenge.  And, a huge win!

There’s not really a surprise that Lumbie stayed for the win.  This Goodwill Global Ambassador, UN Global Leader, UNA Women Member, and member of Forbes Women Forum takes on leadership like it is a requirement.  Well, for her, probably so.

Lumbie’s primary work as the founder of  JB Dondolo, Inc. (named for her father) has lots of open doors to opportunities for anyone who has some solutions and maybe a heart for helping.  She shared all of this with Frontrunners Innovate Producer and Business Developer, Mary Kurek.

Meet Lumbie Mlambo.  (25-minute video)


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