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Marc Freedman of Evolved Profits Unlocks Your Budget and Opens Up Profit and Impact

In Business Development, Podcast by Mary Kurek

Marc Freedman is the Co-Founder of Evolved Profits. He is a Certified Expense Reduction Consultant and the Best-Selling Author of Expense to Profit: Eliminate The Costs That Sabotage Your Growth. Marc is a great detective at finding the nooks and crannies in a business or nonprofit where unnecessary expenses and lost income hide. He knows where to look in the …

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Cathy Dimarchos and Women Impact Leaders Talk About Managing Change Agency

In Empowerment, Live Introductions, Podcast, womensempowerment by Mary Kurek

Cathy Dimarchos is the Founder of Solutions2You, an Australian-based company that helps visionaries, philanthropists, governments, and business leaders bring their vision to life through strategic advice, financial literacy training, leadership coaching, and business advisory.  Her work in developing impact programs in African countries and other marginalized areas of the world, along with her targetted approach with corporations to invest in …

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Celebration Clips #1 -What We’ve Been Doing at Frontrunners Development

In Africa, Empowerment, Health, Humanitarianism, Podcast by Blessing Enofe

2023 Project:  The call for help came from one of our Frontrunners in Malawi.  The need was for a motor boat to act as a water ambulance to get pregant women to the mainland for C-section births before either mother or the baby died due to the long lake crossing in manually rowed boats.  The solution involved a team of …

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Lina Constantinovici Helps Innovators Shorten the Gap Between Funding and Commercialization

In Funding, Investor Interviews, Podcast, Publisher Channel by Blessing Enofe

Lina Constantinovici is a problem solver, but, before that, she was a researcher. Before that, she worked in a place where innovation was rampant, but, the trek toward commercialization for most innovation was long, laborious, and often a threat to the innovation, itself.  Lina founded Innovation 4.4 to bring a solution to the innovator community and breathe new life into …

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Build Your Own Business Development Consultancy Online Event

In BizDev Boost, Business Development, Publisher Channel, Resources by Mary Kurek

Build Your Own Business Development Consultancy Online Event with Global Business Development Expert Mary Kurek

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Transitioning into 2023 – Impact Plus Profit for Frontrunners

In Business Development, Networking, Networking Opps, Publisher Channel, Updates by Mary Kurek

Well, hello 2023! I’m so excited for Frontrunners this year.  I feel confident about the opportunities that are in front of us and the activity that is already showing up in global business development.  I see large-scale impact ahead.  But, I always like to look back each year at our projects and impact over the previous year in order to …

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Josh Hile Creates New Options for the Way Impact Work Gets Funded

In Economic Development, Funding, Investor Interviews, Publisher Channel by Blessing Enofe

Founder and CEO of Citizen Mint, Josh Hile, is creating much-needed accessibility to funding toward positive change. For innovators and problem solvers who have solutions to world challenges, this is great news and even better news for the entire planet. Josh shares his background and what he’s developed as a solution to a huge gap in funding impact projects with …

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World-Changing Partnerships and How You Develop Them

In Networking, Publisher Channel by Mary Kurek

I’m quite aware that what we do at Frontrunners Development has the capacity to impact on a large scale only because we connect people who have it in their hearts to solve world problems.  The people we work with are innovating solutions that go beyond hoping their product will do well on market or their solution will receive an award, …