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Wednesday, February 15th, 2023 11 am-12 pm eastern

Don’t miss this upcoming free online event with Mary Kurek about monetizing your networking efforts into a profit + impact business development consultancy.

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Two years ago, I started getting asked this question:  How do you monetize introductions?

In the fall of 2022, I decided the best way to answer that question is to create a course to lead people through how I do it.  And, other than simply helping people to create an income flow that adds to their business or becomes their business, there are two big reasons why I felt the time had come, and here are those reasons:
1)  Creating business opportunities is important work.  There need to be more people building good relationships that foster the businesses that are solving big problems.  That’s impact.
2)  I want some great business development colleagues.  Independent business developers need each other.  It’s what makes connections happen easier and faster.  But, the colleagues with whom I collaborate are going to have to have the right mindset.  If the will is there, I can teach the rest.
And, I’m starting to teach now.  Register for free training and Q & A event with Mary.

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