Cathy Dimarchos and Women Impact Leaders Talk About Managing Change Agency

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Cathy Dimarchos is the Founder of Solutions2You, an Australian-based company that helps visionaries, philanthropists, governments, and business leaders bring their vision to life through strategic advice, financial literacy training, leadership coaching, and business advisory.  Her work in developing impact programs in African countries and other marginalized areas of the world, along with her targetted approach with corporations to invest in solutions has brought her to a level of expertise that creates transformation.  As we close out Women’s History Month 2024, we brought Cathy to our podcast to talk with some women “Frontrunners” – all leaders in impact who embrace the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Our mission for this special episode of Frontrunners Innovate:  to uncover what we we need to know as women to work through the challenges of running nonprofits and businesses aimed at creating positive change in the world.  What unfolded was an insightful, candid, and amazing conversation with all determined to stay in touch and bring their collective voices together in the future.

Meet Cathy Dimarchos and the Panel of Women Leaders:  Tsegga Medhin, HE Amb Dr Diana Kenoly, and Lumbie Mlambo:

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