Two US Frontrunners Meet in Sudan for a Once in a Lifetime Connection Turned Mission

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This is one of my new favorite stories of impact we’ve been blessed to facilitate through The Frontrunners League.

Not really sure why I was drawn to the Linkedin profile of former US Congressman/UN Ambassador, Mark Siljander at first, but, I just knew I wanted to interview him for our media platform.  He agreed and I invited League member, Kenneth Goodwin, to join me as cohost, since we had discovered we were like-minded about the approach Siljander adopted in helping to create strong bonds based on fellowship and prayer with the most conflict-embedded places on the earth.  That joining of minds between Goodwin and I started with our listening to the almost 7-hour best-selling book written by Siljander entitled “A Deadly Misunderstanding.”  The book, for the most part, chronicles Siljander’s journey from his Congressional seat, finding a second home within the community of the National Prayer Breakfasts hosted by the White House, to launching peace missions to places where most of us would be fearful to visit.

You can view that interview that Kenneth I did with Siljander here.  

One month and ten days earlier, (in May of 2021) I had interviewed HE Dr. Rollan Roberts, son of a pastor in a West Virginia “holler” who grew up to become a very successful real estate pro and then on to the CEO seat of Hoverboard Company.  Most important to know about His Excellency is that he is faith-based in all that he does, including his consulting work with global governments and through his own impact organization, Transform Africa.

For a reason I’m not sure I can explain well, but, with a conviction that I should connect these gentlemen who shared two important loves:  1, Christ and 2, Africa, I set up the call.  Bottom line:  after about an hour and a half of sharing, Cong. Siljander invited HE Roberts to join his next peace entourage, which included other former congressmen and dignitaries, while they were visiting the leadership of Sudan in the coming weeks.  Agreement reached, documents sent, and on July 29, 2021, I received the photo you see featured above from Gary Wadron, a member of Siljander’s team and family. Pictured, along with Waldron, Siljander, and Roberts, you’ll see Congressman Swett and General Gration all departing Juba, South Sudan.

I have to believe that whatever was meant to be created through faith, friendship, and mission was achieved.  The best part of what I do is when connection creates personal value for others.

UPDATE:  Cong. Siljander shared this video with me 8/1/2021 from their mission trip in Sudan.

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