The Honorable Mark Siljander Uses Faith and Fellowship to De-escalate Global Conflicts

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Siljander with Central African Republic VP of Parliament, Leea Koyassoum

This interview is the first in our Frontrunners in Faith Series.

Former US Congressman and United Nations Ambassador, Mark Siljander, is what we call an Extreme Conflict Peacemaker. The work he does (with the support of his family and a traveling team) is to end wars, get hostages released, and stop the genocide in some pretty tough spots around the world. Oddly, the formula for doing this work in and of itself seems simple, but, the courage it takes to do what he is doing moves the needle on challenge into the area of danger. He does it anyway, and his impact is enormous.

The Ambassador’s 2008 bestselling book, A Deadly Misunderstanding chronicles the story of his work (to this point) and reads like a suspense thriller complete with bullets flying, middle-of-the-night treks through the desert, and even incarceration which ends with a deadly diagnosis.  Scary business for anyone, but, with a mission-from-God purpose, he continues on…because the stakes are just too high to ignore.

Siljander meeting with Yasser Arafat

The way ahead for Ambassador Siljander is organized through a couple of entities called Trac5 and Bridges to Common Ground, which will allow him to engage partners, distribute information, and conduct more missions.

Along with her co-host, Fintech Expert, Speaker, Jeanensis Ventures Founder & GMP, Kenneth Goodwin, Mary Kurek, Pres. of Frontrunners Development, meets with the Ambassador to have a chat about his book, his current efforts, and to find out what’s next on his ambitious and faith-developed agenda.

Meet Ambassador Mark Siljander (1.10 min video).

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