Kiwoba Allaire and Girl STEM Stars are Giving Silicon Valley Another Reason to Shine

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Kiwoba Allaire is using her vast experience living and working in the tech hub of Silicon Valley to showcase the best of that world to young girls who haven’t seen role models for a tech career. Kiwoba, founder of Girl STEM Stars, says girls in that area don’t see women who look like them. They are youth of color in underserved communities who deserve an opportunity to dream.

What better way to inspire a dream about tech careers than to show up at a Google or Facebook headquarters and have employees greet and teach these young ladies? The inspiration is so big and often just takes a little effort at coordination and leveraging good relationships; something Kiwoba does well.  It is also a characteristic possessed by co-host, Tsegga Medhin, founder of The Pearl Leadership Institute, located in the Research Triangle Park area of NC, who also works on educating and empowering girls interested in STEM.

This interview is more of a conversation between two leaders of empowerment from sister tech hubs, with backgrounds that literally mirror each other. The doors of opportunity started opening right here.  The conversation is hosted by Mary Kurek of Frontrunners Development, Inc. (Note: Stay to the end for 3 opportunities we see in this conversation.)

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Special Thanks to Our Co-Host: Tsegga Medhin

Tsegga Medhin, Founder & CEO, The Pearl Leadership Institute & UN USA-NC Women Pres. (Collaborator on Diversity & Inclusion Programs)

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