Don Turner and H2 Energy Group are Pioneering a Green Hydrogen Highway in the US

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Don Turner is COO of H2Energy Group, a company dedicated to changing the way we create and use energy, transitioning us away from fossil fuels in order to achieve a net-zero energy system.

Don explains in this interview how H2 Energy Group uses sustainable and renewable biomass to produce the world’s lowest-cost green hydrogen. He shares the California project that will put green hydrogen on the literally “on the map,” along a particular route where “big rigs” are known to travel.

Energy expert, Dr. Khosrow “Nema” Nematollahi, Chairman of Advanced Renewable Power and CAE-net, joins Mary Kurek of Frontrunners Development as co-host for this enlightening conversation.

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Special Thanks to Our Co-Host: Dr. Khosrow “Nema” Nematollahi

Dr. Khosrow "Nema" Nematollahi

Dr. Khosrow “Nema” Nematollahi | Chairman and Chief Executive Office (CEO) Advanced Renewable Power & CAE-net

Dr. Khosrow “Nema” Nematollahi is a Specialist in Modeling, Simulation, and Finite Element Analysis (FEA). Senior Mechanical Engineering Specialist. Coach, trainer, mentor, and consultant to other mechanical and structural Engineers and companies.

Specialities: Advanced Modeling, Simulation, and Finite Element Analysis. Thermal heat transfer, Computational fluid dynamic(CFD), Random Vibration, Fatigue, Harmonic, seismic, and ballistic impact specialist. He also provides Ballistic Expert witness testimony at courts. Inc has been providing Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) consulting services for the last 35 years. Experts at CAE-net are very skilled in stress, thermal, vibration, seismic, electro-thermal, electro-chemistry, crash worthiness, fluid Dynamics, Lithium-ion batteries, and composites simulations. The results of their work have a close correlation with experimental measurements.

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