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UN Women Leader Tsegga Medhin is Paving Diversity Pathways for Corporations and Schools

In Africa, Diversity, Education, Empowerment, Publisher Channel by Mary Kurek

 Tsegga Medhin fills the leadership role of UN Women President in NC and that of founder and president of The Pearl Leadership Institute – both with a mission of women’s empowerment. Tsegga will tell you that SDG2030 is her human GPS; a focus she’s had since 2015 when she addressed the UN as a business and impact leader in …

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Anita Sanchez Brings Indigenous Groups and Their Wisdom to Diversity and Inclusion Impact

In Diversity, Empowerment, Publisher Channel by Mary Kurek

 Dr. Anita Sanchez brings her native learnings to the forefront in her work as a diversity and inclusion expert. As an award-winning best-selling author, in her book, Four Sacred Gifts – Indigenous Wisdom for Modern Times, she guides people through a transformation that results in how to live a more empowered life. She shares with Frontrunners Innovate Producer and …