Saji Prelis Leads Globally on Youth Peace and Security From a Podium Built on Policy Activation

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Saji Prelis is the Co-Chair at Global Coalition on Youth, Peace and Security, an organization working on shaping the policy and practice agenda on youth, peace, and security collaboratively with UN, INGO, Inter-Governmental bodies, and youth as partners. Additionally, Prelis is the Director for Children and Youth Programs at Search for Common Ground, headquartered in Washington, DC.

In this podcast, Prelis shares his background growing up in a conflict-ridden zone of Sri Lanka and how he carried that memory, allowing it to motivate him toward peacebuilding. Early success in working within political arenas on behalf of youth paved a solid path for Prelis as advocacy efforts pushed him into policy development.

He shares his story and the measurable impact that his work with both organizations is having today. Special thanks to Igweshi Augustine of the Center for Peace Advocacy and Sustainable Development of Nigeria for co-hosting this opportunity-filled conversation.

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