Tiffany Potter Helps Businesses Find Carbon Credit Opportunities and Maximize Them Through Bitgreen

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Tiffany Potter is a “Carbon Therapist” and the Chief Carbon Officer of Bitgreen, operating as a purpose-built blockchain for bringing uninhibited capital to impact investing markets. Bitgreen’s Carbon Marketplace program, managed by Potter, aims to put carbon credits on-chain with key carbon registries like Gold Standard.

In this conversation, Potter explains how carbon credits work, the criteria used to assess them, and how useful they can be as we make the transition into a more green economy. Her work includes reviewing companies and projects (even before they’ve launched) to determine pathways and edits to open doors to carbon credits.

Combine her expertise with Bitgreen’s carbon credit commerce platform, and you have an easier map for taking advantage of this opportunity while doing some real good for the planet. Innovators should take note – this could seriously help you with investor attraction. Co-hosting this conversation today is Don Turner, COO of H2 Energy Group (green hydrogen).

Meet Tiffany Potter

Tiffany Potter’s Bio

From Tiffany Potter:

In my role as Bitgreen’s Chief Carbon Officer, I oversee the company’s Carbon Marketplace and other digital marketplaces that aim to decentralize supply chains using blockchain and new technology. We aim to help major carbon registries put carbon credits on-chain, and help companies look at their carbon footprint and reduce emissions. Prior to coming to Bitgreen, I was Head of Origination to help expand Viridios Capital’s presence in the Americas. I managed business development and handled relationship management, broadly covering project developers, end-users, financial institutions, carbon market service providers, and carbon standards/registries. I offered first-line risk evaluation and in-sourcing project investment opportunities for credit off-take. At SustainCERT, I managed business development to help certify emission reduction projects that adhere to strict guidelines. I also guide impact quantification affiliated with Gold Standard. I also supported companies that are quantifying the impacts of reducing their emissions internally and are attempting to achieve net zero or create carbon-neutral products.

Prior to SustainCERT, I served as a consultant to offer due diligence services and capacity building for private or public sector entities that develop eco-assets. The goal was to 1) create nutrient and carbon credits on private lands and energy efficiency and renewables projects on public, tribal, and private sector properties, 2) match investors with high-quality projects and raise capital, 3) provide due diligence services for project performance, 4) create new routes to market via protocol or methodology development, and 5) advise governmental entities on the creation of new GHG frameworks. Formerly, I was recruited to lead the origination team as Vice President for Equator LLC which specialized in the generation of carbon credits and environmental assets derived from reforestation, forest conservation, and sustainable land management. Equator manages a $100 MM private equity fund for eco-assets.

Prior to this, I worked at Point Carbon, where I managed the launch of a trading analytics tool that covers North American carbon market development. This subscription-based product assessed carbon offset project development for over 1000 projects. The product is now owned and used by major banks, brokers, traders, and private equity firms. The product was covered in Reuters, Energy Risk Magazine, US Today, Green Business, Dow Jones, etc., and won a gold award from Commodities Now magazine and The Energy Partnership.

Specialities: Strategic introductions, carbon and nutrient trading transactions, compliance/voluntary carbon markets, carbon therapy…

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