Ann-Marie Coore and the Coore Foundation Brings Africa Reunion Event to Washington DC

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Ann-Marie Coore is the Founder and CEO of the Coore Foundation (Maryland) focusing on health and education initiatives aimed at helping at-risk youth.

Coore has spent a good many years working in the healthcare space, making use of her contacts and years of experience. Her Caribbean roots provide a cultural understanding of African family values and needs. On Saturday, Sept. 9, 2023, at the Washington Smithsonian Mall, Coore is celebrating the coming together of different aspects of African culture in music, dance, art, fashion, food, and spirit. The invitation is open to all. She delivers some details in this interview, talking about her own journey and sharing why this event is to be the ultimate in fun and family. She’s calling it My Africa Family Reunion. This is a diaspora call-out.

Special thanks to Michaelene Holder-March (MHM Health Consultancy, UK) and Dr. Toby Malichi (Malichi Group Worldwide, US) for co-hosting like the pros they are.

Meet Ann-Marie Coore

Ann-Marie Coore’s Bio

From: Ann-Marie Coore, MS, MA, CHES
I have been an International Public Health Specialist for over 20 years. Through my work and travels I became curious about why the “self” was often ignored. I learned that many women didn’t have the tools, education, finances, self-esteem, courage, or support to improve their circumstances. Despite the many obstacles these women faced, I was hopeful that with the right intervention, true and meaningful change could come.

In 1999, I started the Coore Foundation, a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization, to work globally with youth (10-25 years old) in low-income communities on sexual and reproductive health, literacy, and crime prevention. To date, we have trained over 10,000 youth in 23 countries. In 2012, we rebranded the organization and created a subsidiary GIRLS RIGHT OF WAY (GROW). To build on this empowerment foundation, I founded I AM A QUINTESSENTIAL WOMAN in 2016 to help women overcome their circumstances and realize their life goals.

In 2019, I was inspired by GOD to start a publishing company “GOD Rocks, Inc.” To date we have published my book of poetry “YES” and a daily affirmation book &. journal “Daily Letters To GOD – An Intimate Moment.” In light of the aforementioned, I was inspired to write and publish 14 children’s books. Visit:

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