Dagmar Turkova with European Women’s Association Talks with Women Leaders About Claiming Their Spotlight

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Dagmar Turkova is a Vice President (VP) in the UAE with the European Women’s Association.

In this interview and conversation, she talks with Penny Heyes (UK), Amb. Ghazala Khan (Pakistan/Saudi Arabia), Kristin Taylor, and Tsegga Medhin (US) about women stepping into the spotlight. Mary Kurek, Frontrunners Development President hosted this conversation that brought up several important facts about how women often find it challenging to step out and be counted.

We also learned about the European Women’s Association and their interest in developing a fund and helping to educate and network women entrepreneurs globally. Stay to the end of the video for opportunities we saw in this interview.

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The European Women’s Association’s Website: https://europeanwomenassociation.com/

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