Penny Heyes of The Trust Bridge Supports Data Security and the Industry it Created

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Penny Heyes and her partner at The Trust Bridge started out filling a gap in data protection.  Based in the UK, they found a niche when GDPR came on the scene to regulate data privacy.  Working in diverse industries in areas around the world gave The Trust Bridge the opportunity to see an emerging occupation…one that needed its own support.  Creating a professional association, networking opportunities, a conference, and even educational opportunities was the thing to do.  Smart of them to realize that the data space was birthing new occupations and add-on duties that were fairly cumbersome for unprepared corporations.  Collectively, with the consulting and “agency” level support, this company has defined for themselves how security links up with trust.

Meet Penny and find out more in this interview with publisher, Mary Kurek.  (23-minute video)

Penny’s Networking Interests:

  • CEOs, as they are the ones ultimately responsible (potentially held liable) for the governance of the company/organization.
  • CFOs, as they are often the ones looking at governance as well, but will hold the budgets, so they need to understand the benefits of investing in good data management, best practices, cybersecurity, reputation, etc.
  • ADPP – Data Protection Officers, Heads of Compliance, and anyone working in data management and/or cybersecurity

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