Yemi Jackson Helps Companies Improve Their Representation of Women in Leadership Positions

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From Africa to the UK, Yemi Jackson made the challenging transition to a different culture.  She understood what it felt like to be different.  As she grew, she continued transitioning through her work life, and was surprisingly strategic as she navigated her career from accounting all the way to entrepreneurship.

Founding Engage Transform in 2017, she decided to make a difference in the area of diversity and help women (particularly, women of color) move through their careers with more and better opportunities for leadership.  Her goal: let’s do this with greater ease and respect. Additionally, and more importantly, she’s helping organizations take a deep dive into their own HR policies and change mindsets about hiring and cultivating talent.

Knowing that C-suite jobs are not the only key decision-making positions in an organization, Yemi also works to help organizations understand that offering a “development-level” seat at the boardroom table helps to groom experienced talent and serves to give a new perspective to old issues and sometimes, old paradigms.  This is seriously impactful work when you consider where we are today with diversity and inclusivity.

Yemi talks with Mary Kurek, Founder & Pres. of Frontrunners Development Inc. about her journey to impact and who she’s looking for to help her grow her efforts.  Meet Yemi Jackson.  (26-min video)

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