Gen. John Bartrum Combines Innovation with Strategy to Solve Huge Public Health Challenges

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Brig. Gen. John Bartrum has had a long and illustrious history as a senior executive in the corporate world and the US Federal Government as well as the Air Force Reserve working from a leadership mind to find solutions to some of the most challenging problems we find in today’s world.  One space where he has developed sought-after expertise is the healthcare industry.  The General’s background (see short bio below) has put him in a perfect position to advise the White House during the COVID-19 pandemic and help manage the distribution of vaccines with a keen combination of strategy plus visionary common sense.

The General’s most current role is that of CEO of Brightstar Innovations Group which allows him to share more broadly his expertise in problem-solving and his knowledge of and access to life-changing innovations.  He shares a bit of that knowledge and more of his background with Frontrunners Development Founder and Pres., Mary Kurek.

Please meet Gen. John Bartrum.  (34-min video)

General Bartrum’s Short Bio:

Brig Gen Bartrum, a combat veteran, is the senior Air Force Reserve Medical Service Corps (Healthcare Executive) officer with military experience in both active duty and reserve forces.

Air Force Surgeon General Mobilization Assistant assists in the leadership for a $6.1 billion health system involving a 44,000-person integrated health care delivery system serving 2.6 million beneficiaries at 76 Air Force military treatment facilities worldwide.

In 2020, John was mobilized as the Deputy Incident Manager for the whole of government COVID-19 response under the HHS Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (ASPR).

  • John enhanced the Federal interagency doctrine, coordination, planning, data, and oversaw the coordination of the joint federal government’s COVID-19 medical response, among other key leadership responsibilities.
  • Awarded The Pinnacle Award from HHS ASPR in Oct 2020.
  • Previously, John was a Partner in a global law firm advising numerous corporate clients from start-ups to multinational firms on federal government policy and operational issues related to health/life sciences, biomedical, veterans/defense, education/training, and general government issues.
  • John is also a founding board member of a biomedical start-up.
  • Awarded 2021, National Pressure Injury Advisory Panel prestigious President’s Award
  • Awarded 2021,  the American Hospital Association’s 2020 Federal Healthcare Executive Award for Excellence.
For more details on General Bartrum’s work and accomplishments, visit Brightstar Innovations Group.  You can find some of General Bartrum’s articles of interest here.

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