Stephen Hobbs’ Favorite Mentor Was a 14-Year-Old Girl With a Gun Pointed at His Face

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Dr. Stephen Hobbs spends a lot of his hours in the day working on his business, Wellth Movement Calgary, which is situated in the wellness space.  It’s very much about helping people to live a whole life. But, he’s also working on a grandparents/grandkids nature project and a mentor certification program.  Add to that some large-scale global infrastructure projects with fat price tags, and you have a hybrid individual with an obvious joy for life and the big green ball on which we live.

Hobbs’ journey to all that he does that culminates in the impact he contributes today comes from an experience with an African girl who held a gun to his face many years ago. His story is fantastic and the work he is doing will make you want to jump on board.

He shares his infatuation with trees, mentoring, and funding/producing large Smart City eco-projects with Frontrunners Development Founder & Pres., Mary Kurek.  (By the way, he’ll explain about the young girl with the gun in his face, too.)

Meet Dr. Stephen Hobbs.  (37-min video)

“When you listen you learn
Where you share you educate”  … Dr. Stephen Hobbs


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