Wells International Foundation on Impacting Young Readers, Writers, and Artists From Halfway Across the World

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Monique virtually meeting in September 2020 with members of her women’s leadership group.

The first thing you notice about Monique Wells is the smile that lights up an entire room.  Texas-born Monique is now in the place she dreamed of as a child – Paris, France.  She first arrived in Paris as a young reader who only imagined herself there – later to make it her home. It’s that imagination that she wants to stir in children – the belief of possibility via the books that get you there.

Always a woman of action, Monique founded the Wells International Foundation (WIF) to create the opportunity for children in her hometown in Texas to learn and grow in creative spirit by reading.  The Foundation has helped to produce read-a-thons, completed book donations, and has actually adopted a school hosting unique programs that stir up fun and interactive education that often includes global participation.

Along with what she’s doing for children, there are more programs for women and adults that tap into leadership training, project development, and mentorship. (Monique is a huge proponent of mentoring.  Please see her piece below on her own mentorship experience.) None of what Monique is doing has really been thwarted by the pandemic.  In fact, it’s given her a specific reason to pull to the surface her love of art and provide a platform for professional female artists to share their work at a virtual exhibit, but, there’s a COVID twist (see flyer to the right).

Monique shared all of these opportunities and the impact on education in an interview with Publisher, Mary Kurek.

Meet Monique Wells.  (26-minute video)


Monique’s Contact/Social:

Linkedin:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/mywparis

Website:  http://wellsinternationalfoundation.org/


Youtube:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPU4szgNs5VG1F_4RF8dLFw

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