Sufyan Christian and Edukate F1rst Zeroes in on Expertise Learning

In Features24 by Mary Kurek

Sufyan Christian has worked in the education space for several years and home-schooled his children long before the pandemic forced it upon parents.  His take-away was that children should have more options for what and how they learn.  Basics are, of course, important for a balanced education, but, why not allow children to follow their “gifts” and their specific interests?  Add to that, the particular needs of marginalized communities where economic development depends on the specific skills that come out of the schools and you start to consider that de-standardizing education could make it more meaningful for all.  This is Sufyan’s viewpoint and he shares it and the work his Edukate F1rst program is doing with Publisher Mary Kurek in this interview.  Meet Sufyan Christian (20-minute video)


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