Naphtali Bryant Innovates the Higher Education Experience for Students and Parents

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Naphtali and his advisor at his graduation from Palo Alto College May 2015

Naphtali Bryant, as the Founder of Spark-Ed University, comes to his role with the dual experience of current student and school administration professional.  Add to that, the extraordinary event of being hired by a school that he’s attended.  While seeking out educational opportunities, Naphtali literally built his own experience making the most of both educational and leadership opportunities, and he did it so well, and so inexpensively, that he built a business around it…called Spark-Ed.

In this interview with Publisher, Mary Kurek, Naphtali shares his story and how what he’s doing to help students to become the architects of their own education.

Meet Naphtali Bryant.  (25-minute video)



Naphtali’s first time as a paid teacher. These are 76 students from Mexico.

Naphtali on the Great Wall of China, Summer 2015.

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