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Empowerment By Namara Lwansa of Tanzania

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By:  Namara Lwansa  (Featured Photo is Namara interviewing Miss Nankondo Mnyone) When you were a kid left at home in charge of your siblings, what was your initial reaction? What did you feel? Or when your boss at work gave you an important office assignment to take control over, what ran through your mind? I bet you felt empowered.  According …

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Naphtali Bryant Innovates the Higher Education Experience for Students and Parents

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Naphtali Bryant, as the Founder of Spark-Ed University, comes to his role with the dual experience of current student and school administration professional.  Add to that, the extraordinary event of being hired by a school that he’s attended.  While seeking out educational opportunities, Naphtali literally built his own experience making the most of both educational and leadership opportunities, and he …

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School Pacific Television: School TV in Kenya

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By Sisinio Muthengi, Ph.D. In 2007 campaigns for Kenyan elections, many politicians tried to woo the voters, and top on the agenda was provision for free secondary education, which was not actually achieved after the elections due to the costs involved. Since then, my heart never rested from thinking about the inventive ways, quite ingenious, that could be employed to …