Don Kent Has Gamified Sustainable Practices for Governments to Make Healthy Land Decisions

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Inter-American Development Bank project in the Alvarado Lagoon, Veracruz, Mexico. Don and the team were testing a community-driven model for sustaining mangrove forests and associated upland habitats. The team listened to and worked with the local community, shared knowledge about assessing the value of the habitat, developed an economic game that allowed the community to establish priorities, and then guided scenario planning and development and implementation of a management plan. 2017

Don Kent is the Principal at Healthy Lands, his vehicle for helping decision-makers to create and sustain healthier ecosystems. The company promotes well-being and prosperity for all through resilient and sustainable lands and waters. Don’s approach to “greening” comes from a global background that has allowed him to develop competencies in scientific research, strategy, planning, policy, management, communication, and leadership.  He’s worked in the private, nonprofit, and government sectors around the world, serving in various roles that bring his expertise to significant and impactful projects.

One might think the same guy who was an expert reviewer for the World Bank for the construction of an environmental and social framework for borrowers wouldn’t be the same guy that would make a room full of people wear paper hats to get a point across.  But, you’d be wrong.  And, this same guy used a Monopoly-style game to help a country’s leaders practice better decision-making when it came to environmental concerns. Creativity and science – a beautiful marriage.

Don talks about his work and what is necessary for all of us to know about sustaining our planet with Frontrunners Development Founder and President, Mary Kurek.

Meet Don Kent (43-min video).

Biography & Overview:

Leadership class of individuals from government, academic, and NGOs throughout the United States. For this exercise about making better decisions, the participants made paper hats of a color that corresponded to the parts of the brain. They then stood up, formed a brain, and raised their hand if their part of the brain was activated in response to a series of questions. 2017, Manasota Key, Florida.

Don worked for almost ten years helping Florida state and federal government organizations and agriculture restore the Everglades balanced with the local economy. Actions included expert reviews of managing planning and progress, gap-filling research, and testimony to the Environmental Regulation Commission and the Appeals Court in support of a phosphorus criterion. 2000 – 2008

Regional wetland park in Dongtan, Shanghai, China.  Don helped design to accommodate recreation, and protect endangered Chinese alligator and migratory birds including cranes. The park was integrated with residences, businesses, and a fishing community. He also met with officials in other regions to share knowledge about regional planning and how to preserve the social, economic, and ecological benefits of wetland systems, lectured in the U.S. Embassy in Shanghai, and participated in a conference about conserving and restoring wetland functions. 2003 – 2005

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