Sankalp West Africa Summit in Ghana June 12-13 2023 to Build Business-Led Inclusive Development

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Arielle Molino, Coordinator for the Sankalp Summit, shares details with Mary Kurek, Frontrunners Development President and Media Partner, Raymond Enoch of Paradigm Communications on the first Sankalp West Africa Summit to be held in Ghana.

Sankalp Forum was initiated in 2009 by Intellecap, part of The Aavishkaar Group, to create a thriving ecosystem for business-led inclusive development. Over the past 15 years, Sankalp has built one of the world’s largest impact enterprise-focused platforms that has showcased and discovered 2000+ entrepreneurs, through 31 editions and has connected them to 1000+ investors.

Sankalp has enabled enterprises and entrepreneurs and has helped raise over USD 800 million in funding.

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Special Thanks to Our Co-Host: Raymond Enoch

Raymond Nyayiti Enoch is the Publisher/CEO Paradigms Communication Company Ltd Nigeria and has close to a decade of professional Media Practice and seventeen years of international development engagement working with non-profit and for-profit social enterprises in the Africa Europe and Asia . He has experience in consulting, fundraising, business proposal development, and capacity building and training for social enterprises and several Networks. Based in Abuja Nigeria , Raymond Nyayiti Enoch is a Member of Taraba Publishers Forum and Abuja Publishers Forum Nigeria.

As a Focal Person of NCFF Nigeria and NAAHM Nigeria, he was an integral part of establishing National Committee for Family Farming (NCFF) Nigeria and a UN FAO–IFAD initiative executing United Nations Decade for Family Farming UNDFF 2019-2028.

With the Sankalp Forum, he is leading Paradigm Communication as its main Media Partner Promoting the 1st SANKALPH West Africa Summit and would be responsible for Promoting of the Summit across various Marketing channels. Raymond Nyayiti Enoch has managed various international donors projects in Nigeria and written news reports from across the world covering multinational Institutions. He is a member of the African Committee for Family Farming Network executing United Nations Decade for Family Farming working with UN Systems

He has served Ziti Newspaper Nigeria as its Editor in Chief and has conducted National Assessment for Value Chain Development Program VCDP of the IFAD projects in Nigeria in 2017