Chris Conant Talks About Chipset Farm Ownership Opportunity That Produces Rental Income

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In Chris Conant‘s world, you will find a very crypto-savvy network and people with a bend toward tech. Chris is steeped in both subjects, owning businesses that blend enterprise with return-value in solution-based opportunities.

In this interview with Frontrunners Development President and CEO, Mary Kurek, Chris talks about Resound Chipset Farm and the opportunity to buy chipsets, rent them to data centers who need them, and secure rental income paid out in crypto.

The opportunity is big because the need is also big. Chris shares how he manages the simple process and who he’s looking for to get involved as a buyer and a referral agent.

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You can earn 3-7% by renting your chipset units to data centers to perform AI, Game Rendering, Blockchain/Web3 and Big Data services. Ready to purchase? Go to


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