Private Security Pros Launch New Podcast to Spotlight Those Who Work Behind the Seen

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Dean and Alana Stott are accomplished private security professionals with international experience that puts their intelligence at expert level. Their perspective is to work from a strategic knowledge base as opposed to violence whenever possible. It’s that smart style of working that has been so effective in their efforts to free refugees, embassy staffs, create escapes where conflict exists, and put discretion ahead of blatancy in private protection situations. Being invisible has been a large part of their work, but, not so much anymore.

Dean and Alana are both published authors and speakers. Dean has been hosting a major network show that takes him around the world and Alana’s agenting and fundraising work has brought her to the presence of King Charles to receive a prestigious award for her philanthropic efforts. Everything they do has good purpose, so when they shared they had launched a new podcast called “Behind the Seen,” there definitely had to be some good happening here.

They shared this and more in this conversation with Host, Mary Kurek, and Co-Host, Sustainable Developer, Jeremy Bagwill.

Meet Dean and Alana Stott

Dean Stott’s Bio:

Dean Stott is a Double World Record holder, former UK Tier 1 Special Forces Operator, internationally renowned motivational speaker, and adventurer explorer. In everything he does, Dean draws on a colorful and dramatic personal journey. A former soldier in the Special Boat Service (SBS), his military career was ended by a parachuting accident in 2011. He quickly transitioned to the private security sector, where he carved out a reputation for being willing to take on any job, no matter how dangerous. He has since become a record-breaking explorer and adventurer, while establishing a successful career as a motivational speaker.

Born into a military family, Dean moved around a lot as a child – even spending time in a homeless shelter following his parents’ break-up. Like many young boys, he wanted to be a fireman when he grew up, but it was a chance comment from his father that changed his mind. “The army? You wouldn’t last two minutes!” Those seven words spurred Dean on to become a commando, then an instructor on the commando course and ultimately, a member of the Special Forces. His dad may have been joking when he said he wouldn’t last, but Dean didn’t leave until injury ended his military career in 2011 – 16 years after he joined up.

Dean was one of the first army soldiers to make it through the grueling, six-month Special Forces selection process to join the Special Boat Service (SBS). The next stage of his military career took him to some of the world’s toughest and most unwelcoming places – hostile environments in which his life and the lives of others were constantly under threat. This real-world experience, in tandem with his elite Special Forces training, is what enables Dean to do things that terrify normal people. Today, he continues to live by the Special Forces ethos: ‘The Unrelenting Pursuit of Excellence.’

Alana Stott’s Bio:

Author, Producer, Publisher, Philanthropist, Entrepreneur

A true multi-hyphenate Alana Stott MBE,  founded and developed Wolfraven Omnimedia as a vehicle to help tell amazing and inspirational stories, including her own, while fiercely advocating for causes aimed at making the world a better place. Stott has written the game-changing business and philanthropy book, “How to Ask for Money;” her powerful memoir, “She Who Dares;” and a series of empowering children’s books – all to be published in 2023.

Her storied international philanthropic work has included tireless efforts on behalf of dozens of charitable organizations. She has devoted thousands of hours of her time to numerous non-profits as an advisor and fundraiser, raising millions of dollars for causes such as mental health, veterans, and the fight against human trafficking.

Stott has spent more than 25 years developing and overseeing the growth of a variety of businesses of varying sizes from an array of industries. With a uniquely diverse and accomplished resume, (Her achievements have ranged from traveling salesperson to a debt collector, bodyguard, security specialist, hotel manager, bank manager, former Mrs. Scotland, CEO of an intelligence-based security firm, non-profit consultant, writer, and producer.) She is a firm believer that nothing is impossible or out of reach.

More About Alana Stott

In 2018, Stott raised $1.3 million dollars for a mental health awareness campaign at the request of Prince Harry and Stott’s husband — Dean Stott, a double world record-breaking cross-country cyclist, TV presenter, and former UK Special Forces Operator. This was not her first stint in fundraising. Much like her working life, her business and philanthropic career paths started early.

She qualified as a Ship Security Officer and was one of the first women to receive the Company Security Officer designation, qualifying her to run security on any vessel at sea. Alana is also a fully-qualified Close Protection Officer. Stott is an honorary member of The Special Boat Services Association, the UK equivalent of The Navy’s Seal Team 6. She has organized multiple grand red-carpet events to raise funds for injured special forces soldiers and their families.

In her non-profit work, Stott sources, researches, and meets with potential donors personally, builds relationships and has received multiple accolades for her work, such as ‘Fundraiser of the Year’ (2018) and Scottish Businesswoman of the Year runner-up (2019).

She was awarded the title of Member of The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (MBE) on the King’s Honor List 2023 for her work supporting vulnerable women and mental health awareness.

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