Judith Getugi Founded WeRBinti To Help African Women in Healthcare Careers

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Judith Getugi of Kenya is a Pharmacist with a serious understanding of the hardship of young African women who are in or heading into a healthcare career.  She founded WeRBinti to bring global mentorship to an organized format to help young women in this space grow, excel, and learn all the pieces of entrepreneurship and personal care to make the most of their careers.  In the short time she’s been involved in developing out her programs, she’s amassed a strong membership base and some great partners; many of whom are pharmaceutical companies.

Judith talks with Publisher, Mary Kurek, about WeRBinti and shared some advice for young girls thinking about healthcare as a path.

Meet Judith Getugi.  (25-min video)


Judith’s Contact:

Linkedin:  www.linkedin.com/company/werbinti
Website:  www.werbinti.org
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Werbinti-106173631348382