Honorary Consul of Malawi Nir Gess Gives Safe Haven to Trafficking Victims

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The Honorable Nir Gess has a lot on his business plate. He runs a large farming enterprise in Malawi and handles the diplomatic tasks of his office as Honorary Consul of Malawi to Israel, but, the most passionate work he does is helping victims of human trafficking.  Nir was heading out on a trip one day when he saw a stopped semi-truck and experienced firsthand the jaw-dropping horror of a trailer full of half-clothed 8-10-year-old little girls tied together and thrown in with goats like animals.  So disturbed was he not only at the sight but the fact that there was nowhere for these little girls to go but to jail that he had to solve the problem.  He canceled his trip and began setting up what is now a safe house and program for trafficked girls.  Not so much something you’d expect of a diplomat, but, this diplomat has found his true impact.

In this interview with Frontrunners Innovate Producer, Mary Kurek, and her co-host, Amb. Ghazala Khan, Gess talks about the work he does to provide safety, food, and education for girls taken into slavery in Malawi.

Meet The Honorable Nir Gess.  (39-minute video)

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Website:  https://malawi-israel.org/

Linkedin:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/nir-gess-19959765/


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