Abdellah Aouf Creates Job Opportunities for Unskilled Youth Through the Unique GO Platform

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Abdellah Aouf is an Algerian entrepreneur based in the United States solving the issue of unskilled candidates in the job market through a platform that provides hand-picked matching and training solutions that benefit candidates and employers. GO Platform is a creative solution to a problem Abdellah realized in Algeria where tech-jobs weren’t being filled by the available workforce. They are literally a one-stop-shop whereby they prepare the candidates per the employer’s needs with an agreement for hiring once ready.

Abdellah spoke with Frontrunners Innovate Producer, Mary Kurek and co-host Ambassador Ghazala Khan about the need and how they came up with the solution right before the pandemic hit.

Meet Abdellah Aouf.  (32-minute video)

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Website:  http://www.go-platform.com/

Linkedin:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/abdellah-aouf-89b2b8114/