Arafat Lesheve Proves Youth Are Making a Difference in Tanzania

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Arafat Lesheve is one of the most accomplished young people you’ll meet. In his early 20s, Arafat has created more opportunities for youth in Tanzania than anyone would believe. This 25-year-old, already an independent consultant, is serving a title under the Prime Minister’s Office, is a nonprofit founder, and an awarded young visionary. Oh, and he’s already on the path to diplomatic service.  Arafat is currently building Tanzania Emerging Youth Awards, an initiative of Africa Youth Transformation, as an outlet for youth voices, motivational awards, and development opportunities.

Arafat talks about his journey thus far, his efforts in creating opportunities for jobs, training, leadership, and empowerment, along with future plans with Frontrunners Innovate Producer, Mary Kurek.

Meet Arafat Lesheve.  (27-minute video)

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