Former NBA Star Cuttino Mobley and Business Exec Terry Briggs on Business That Creates Impact

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NBA Legend, Businessman, & Philanthropist, Cuttino Mobley

It was such a pleasure interviewing NBA legend, serial entrepreneur, and serial impact maker, Cuttino Mobley, and his business partner, Terry Briggs.  Terry, who met Mobley while working for a charitable nonprofit, has several business interests, himself, and is an author of books that inspire and empower women.

“I’m just giving my experiences.  I’ve been like this since I was a kid…like an old soul…very philosophical.  I just start talking about things and relate it to the individual.”  Cuttino Mobley (on mentoring)

The two gents combine their business smarts on several projects, but, currently, utilize their companies, Komodity, LLC and CovidResponse Plus, Inc., headquartered in Los Angeles, California, to work with tech companies on creating innovative solutions and developing the necessary supply chain for moving those products, as well as PPEs, to market.

Managing Partner, Komodity & CEO, CovidResponse Plus

“Komodity became a place to do everything we like to do…including impact work and the women’s empowerment space…”  Terry Briggs


Meet Cuttino Mobley and Terry Briggs in this informative and eye-opening interview.  (34-min video)

Mobley speaking with pros and future pros after practice.











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