How Toyin Umesiri Moved Her Supply Chain Intelligence to Impact Africa

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Umesiri hosting her first TWA – Trade with Africa – Summit – 2018

Toyin Umesiri, founder and CEO of Nazaru LLC, is a multi-talented woman who uses her collective intelligence to impact on a global scale, but particularly her homeland in Africa. She uses several public platforms to educate and engage people on the how-to of trading with Africa. She trains clients on developing proper supply chains and business foundations, and she sells her own products. All of this, she does with immense confidence in her spiritual connection.

This lively conversation is filled with revelations that could relate to almost anyone building a business and looking for some answers.  Please meet Toyin Umesiri.  (32-minute interview)

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Hosting TWA – Trade with Africa – Summit in Chicago – 2019





Author/Host:  Mary Kurek, CEO, Frontrunners League & Publisher, Frontrunners Innovate