Chukwuemeka Orukwowu Delivers New Global Platform for Youth Opportunities

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Chukwuemeka Orukwowu is a young leader in Africa who is using his talents to help other youth around the world find their path and create sustainable success.  As the founder of Audacious Agenda Youth Network, Chukwuemeka realized as he was growing into his own role in society that it was quite challenging knowing the pathways to take and how to build up one’s skill in an area that would sustain.  Education, mentoring, resources, and opportunities aren’t all that easy to find in some areas of the world.  It’s his mission to make it easier.

He shares his story, details of his new platform, and his interest in forming partnerships with Mary Kurek, Frontrunners Innovate Producer and Host.

Meet Chukwuemeka Orukwowu.  (27-minute video)

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